Everyone experiences stress. Stress can come from anywhere: day-to-day activities, relationships, work, life changes, illness, even from fun events. Stress is one way that our bodies respond to the demands of our lives. A little bit of stress can be healthy-it keeps us alert and productive. However, all too often, we experience too much stress. Too much stress can result in serious physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms.

Physical Symptoms                    


Sleep difficulties


Chest pain

Muscle pain and tension

Headaches and migraines



Increased sweating

Weakened immune system

Neck and back pain

Emotional Symptoms  

Loss of motivation


Decreased sex drive

Depression or sadness


Inability to focus

Mood instability

Increased irritability and anger

Behavioral Symptoms

Unhealthy eating (over or under eating)

Drug or alcohol use

Social Withdrawal

Nail biting

Constant thoughts about stressors

Everyone reacts differently to stress. Some people deal well with their stress; unfortunately, many of us do not deal effectively with the stressors in our lives. Many people don’t even know they are stressed until they begin to experience serious symptoms.

If you or someone you know are experiencing difficulty managing stress stress management therapy can help. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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